Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Trend Tuesday: Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beanies

This first installment of Trend Tuesday is just the slightest bit on the nerdy side with the obvious Harry Potter reference. I will not apologize for this, as I just went on the studio tour and it was EPIC.

Back to the regular scheduled programming:

I have seen a lot of beanies floating around on my newly pinned pins on Pinterest (say that three times fast). Not only were they shows down the runway in Jill Sander's Spring 2012 RTW collection (below right), but also on one of my favorite OOTD blogs, Atlantic-Pacific, written by Blair Edie (below, left)
Other than on the online world and the shows in which I obsessively view online, I have had some real-world encounters with this slouchy trend, mostly with my friends. These friends have lovingly allowed me to photograph them in their natural beanie habitat to demonstrate the various ways beanie are able to be worn. (All photos are my own!)

First you are able to see how using your beanie can be a cohesive addition to a monochromatic outfit. Emily is wearing a classic London ensemble, black from head to toe! The beanie matches well and helps the entire outfit feel effortless. And I promise she's laughing, not in pain....

Next, we visit the addition of the pom-pom. Usually, this addition lends to a more interesting, and possibly warmer hat. They may remind you of your younger days where Mom would insist you would catch a cold if you ran out without a hat on, but they have come so far! Cream is an obvious choice, as it is between the months of October and March referred to as "Winter White" and goes with conceivably anything.

Finally, and I don't know why there isn't a full-on shot of her, but Tara demonstrates using the beanie as a pop of color, very similar to Blair in atlantic-pacific. The beautiful cobalt blue is a very popular color this season, and although it has the potential to be quite overpowering, it is simple and gorgeous in small doses of accessories.

Or, you could be like me and go out and find a beanie that resembles Rudolph....

Happy December!

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