Saturday, December 8, 2012

Silly Saturday: Harry Potter Costumes

So this post should really be called Nerdy Saturday, but that obviously doesn't flow quite as well.

A few weekends ago, I was able to go to the Harry Potter Studio tour right outside of London, (as I told you in my beanie post here) and let me just tell you it was (sorry Mom) AMAZEBALLS.

I am a full-fledged, not very ashamed, beyond huge fan of Harry Potter, and always have been. This tour showed us everything. Sets, props, and most importantly, costumes. Obviously I pretty much geeked out at the entire experience, but it seems I was inherently more geeky when the costumes came into play.

From quidditch capes, to dress robes, to the Weasley's knitted Christmas sweaters it was AMAZING. I'm done talking, just sit back and enjoy!

(pictures are all my own!)
Faculty shot

Hufflepuff Quidditch Uniforms! MORE IMPORTANTLY the uniform Robert Pattinson wore when he
was in HP...Didn't think I could get nerdier, huh?

Sirius Black's Azkaban uniform and Professor Lupin with his wife, Tonk. 


Ron's very flattering dress robes

Dress robes! Hermione's Dress, Krum's uniform

Luna Lovegood's costumes

Dolores Umbridge's very pink ensembles

All in all, pretty much the highlight of my day/week/month/year/life which may or may not be be the judge.


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