Sunday, October 27, 2013

HerCampus College Fashion Week!

I know, updating this blog has taken the back seat to my incredibly fun and absurdly busy senior year of college.

Aside from my full course load and hilarious friends and housemates, I am juggling quite a few internships this semester, one of which is maintaining my post as the Campus Correspondent for my school's HerCampus chapter, as I have been for the last two years. This website is amazing and has truly opened not only my mind to online magazine world and many doors to future endeavors.
HerCampus held an event in Boston last night called College Fashion Week, named as such because of the national aspect to this event, as it has traveled from places like Orlando, Auburn, San Diego, etc.

Although this fashion event was not your typical show of designer wares and couture gowns, it was a more relatable, affordable and definitely college-focused version, which was very obviously their intention, as it is the focus of their site.

The many sections of the show focused on a "day in the life of a collegiette" and was designed to showcase the "clothes that college girls should be wearing". Instead of the typical fantastical wares that usually don the stages of NYFW, the clothes shown were each items that the typical college girl would buy and wear on a regular basis. Through scenes such as "Work it", "I am class", and even a cheeky "Twerk it", the outfits worn by real-life collegiettes were realistic in both silhouettes, price and everyday wearability (who knew that was a word....?)

Below are a couple shots I took of the event (on an iPhone, excuse the quality!), clothes are mainly by the awesome website, which I initially found a couple of months ago through Pinterest, but definitely going for a second and third look after the looks from last night!

Favorites of the night definitely go to the mint dress, asymmetrical leather skirt (to die for) and the silk jumpsuit! Wish I could stay in college and go again next year!

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Friday, August 23, 2013

Back 2 Skewl: First Day 101

This post is dedicated to the fact that I have ONE "first day of school" (barring any unexpected failures...) left!! And it's next week!! WHAT?!

As a college senior, I have had my fair share of "first days" of the semester, and know that it is imperative to make somewhat of an impression so the professor remembers your name, but not so much so that it is very apparent to the professor when you skip class. 

It's a delicate balance, people. 
Top: Chichic / Shorts: Rings and Tings / Sunglasses: Ray-Ban / Necklace: J.Crew / Bag: Topshop / Sandals: Saturday / Watch: Olivia Burton 
Make an impression with statement jewelry and some fun sandals, while keeping it casual and functional with a breathable (no air conditioning in August...a must) top, jean shorts of an appropriate length and without rips (do I sound like a mom here?) a bag to carry all of those totally inexpensive textbooks, and a watch so you can check the time without a. turning around to see the clock on the wall (rude) or b. check your phone and get a death stare from your professor on day one. Bad moves either way. 

In typical college student fashion, I am already on that procrastination train and do not know what I will don on my last first day, nor have I begun my packing process! This is gonna be a good year, I can feel it. 

p.s. what are you guys wearing your first day back!? comment below!!

obligatory Billy Madison video....annnnnd go

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Weekly Excitements

This is a list of things that give me intense joy/excitement for the current state of affairs/future. ENJOY!

The fact that EVERYTHING at J.Crew Factory online is on sale. Mainly because it is a strictly online sale, meaning no crazy bargain shopping outlet people (....which is usually me). Code: SALE30

The 3.1 Philip Lim collection for Target is less than a month away, AND the full lookbook has been released. 
SPOILER ALERT: I want it all. 

Check the lookbook here

Back to school shopping season is upon us, and my new planner is one for the record books. 

I think constantly looking at neon blue snakeskin will really help my productivity as a human being. 


Stay tuned for a fall fashion excitement list coming your way momentarily!

For now:

Monday, August 19, 2013

Summer in 'Grams

Summer has been more work than play for me, hence the very lacking amount of posts in the last few months. I promise this will be changing soon, as three of my internships are over in a matter of days (bittersweet). Here are some instas/pictures with my real camera to keep y'all entertained in the meantime!  (follow me here if you waaaaaaaaaaant)

 aaaand there you go! Back to our semi-regularly scheduled programming momentarily!

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Saturday, July 13, 2013

OOTD + Lazy Saturday

  Spent the morning with my lovely mother at the Troy Farmer's Market getting all sorts of goodies and possibly the best lemonade ever (water, lemon and sugar..who knew?)

Shirt-Gap / Shorts- CR / Sunglasses: Ray-Ban
I always equate farmer's market runs with chambray and denim (maybe a stereotype...), so I knew that my newly found but not-so-recently purchased Gap chambray would definitely be a go-to. The printed shorts are those that feel like pajama shorts, but look way more put-together. Perfect for an early Saturday morning. 

Our haul- Gatherer's Granola, if you need a sponsor, holler at me. 

What do you guys wear to Farmer's Markets or for everyday weekend wear?!

Monday, July 8, 2013

Half-Tuck Won't Cost a Buck

In a cash rut? Spent all your money on leather pants in June? (just me?) An easy (and free) way to spice up your wardrobe is simply wearing the clothes you have in a new way; my favorite: the half-tuck.


I was thinking about writing a post like this for a while considering that I rock the half-tuck (sometimes quarter that a thing?) on an almost daily basis. However, it put a little fire under my hiney when I saw one of my favorite bloggers, Amanda from Advice From a Twenty Something, wrote basically a tell-all tutorial about tucking.

Rather than go for the full-on tuck that if you're not careful, can be reminiscent of a substitute teacher or a kid on their way to school seconds from untucking what their parent had just mercilessly tucked in.

Samantha of Could I Have That?

The half-tuck is an elegant and chic way to add structure to an outfit with an oversize component. Whether it is an oversized chunky knit juxtaposed with a miniskirt, a sleeveless button-down with some skinny jeans, or a classic men's Hanes white T and some ever-present denim cut-offs.

How I've rocked the half-tuck semi-recently:

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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Summer Simplicity

Well HELLO there! I have obviously been super lacking in posting and I blame it on the goose...silly goose that is because I was under the impression I would be able to juggle 4 internships, 2 part-time jobs, a social life and keep updating this as well!
Rookie mistake.
However, I have renewed my vow to try my very best, so we will see how that goes.

I have decided that my favorite part about summer 2013 fashion has to be the simplicity of it all. Clean lines, lots of no-fuss fabrics and of course the shoe of the moment, which I call the simple sandal.

a bit of an exaggeration but you get it
I am specifically referencing the heeled sandal with nothing but toe and ankle straps holding the contraption to your body. For years I was of the thought that an ankle strap would do nothing for me and my meaty calves and stumpy legs as it would only accentuate my short stature and cut off my leg.

This new(ish) silhouette of heel has definitely changed my mind. Particularly with all of the nude options for this shoe, there is little to no possibility of getting your legs confused with stumps, but instead with the legs of Heidi Klum (little bit of a stretch there, but thought I would stroke your ego a little, you're welcome)
So here are some of my favorites of the moment, as I am definitely in the market for a pair on my feetsies ASAP.

Where to shop for these (right-left) 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Let Me Update You

So..I sort of got a little preoccupied and let this blog sort of travel a little ways downhill. For this, I am sorry and promise that my priorities have shifted once again and now this blog is definitely in the top 20% of the list, behind only family, friends, health, school, internship, job, and my daily cup of coffee (or two), but it's up there!

Basically, working a part-time retail job while balancing a remote internship, 4 classes, applying for summer internships, all while trying to balance somewhat of a social life, is just a smidge more time-consuming than I had originally anticipated. Nevertheless, I am once again fully committing to this as a fashion outlet for everything I think/care/know anything about.

To make it easier on me, I think I'm going to post more OOTD (outfit of the day) photos, since that seems to garner more traffic, and is a little simpler to do.

To catch you up on some highlights for the past few weeks, I will post some Instagrams, since that seems to summarize my life best. (Is that sad? Whatever, follow me! @meglewis330)

I learned how to make spaghetti squash and it pretty much rocks my socks.

Made some attractive faces while wearing denim-on-denim at work

Shamelessly dressed my adorable dogs up to go on a 10 minute walk. 

              Waltzed with a ginger on St. Patrick's Day

Got tweeted at by Chipotle (this was a highlight)

 And finally broke out those polkadot Madewell pants I have been yearning to wear (possibly too early)

So there you go! You're caught up!

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