Sunday, October 27, 2013

HerCampus College Fashion Week!

I know, updating this blog has taken the back seat to my incredibly fun and absurdly busy senior year of college.

Aside from my full course load and hilarious friends and housemates, I am juggling quite a few internships this semester, one of which is maintaining my post as the Campus Correspondent for my school's HerCampus chapter, as I have been for the last two years. This website is amazing and has truly opened not only my mind to online magazine world and many doors to future endeavors.
HerCampus held an event in Boston last night called College Fashion Week, named as such because of the national aspect to this event, as it has traveled from places like Orlando, Auburn, San Diego, etc.

Although this fashion event was not your typical show of designer wares and couture gowns, it was a more relatable, affordable and definitely college-focused version, which was very obviously their intention, as it is the focus of their site.

The many sections of the show focused on a "day in the life of a collegiette" and was designed to showcase the "clothes that college girls should be wearing". Instead of the typical fantastical wares that usually don the stages of NYFW, the clothes shown were each items that the typical college girl would buy and wear on a regular basis. Through scenes such as "Work it", "I am class", and even a cheeky "Twerk it", the outfits worn by real-life collegiettes were realistic in both silhouettes, price and everyday wearability (who knew that was a word....?)

Below are a couple shots I took of the event (on an iPhone, excuse the quality!), clothes are mainly by the awesome website, which I initially found a couple of months ago through Pinterest, but definitely going for a second and third look after the looks from last night!

Favorites of the night definitely go to the mint dress, asymmetrical leather skirt (to die for) and the silk jumpsuit! Wish I could stay in college and go again next year!

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