Monday, March 9, 2015

Catching Up

So I'm back. Seems like I'm fond of hiatus after hiatus from this blog, but now it's past the point where I can just forget about it, considering it's been about four years now (WHAT!!??!)

Since we last spoke, I have moved to Brooklyn, started a new job, and decided on a daring haircut (that I have yet to commit fully to...stay tuned).

That about sums it up! 

I'm becoming more and more domestic (i.e learning to cook more than pasta and grilled cheese, LOOK AT ME NOW, MA!) and enjoying decorating my apartment. What this means is in addition to pop culture ramblings and fashion-focused posts, I will also be diving into the world of blogging about domesticity (maybe even DIYs...who am I?!)

Like every other New Yorker (person?) I don't feel as though my 9-5 is flexing my creative muscles appropriately and I desperately need an outlet! So plan on this being that outlet.