Sunday, November 9, 2014

Wrapped Up

Wearing a blanket outside of the house used to be reserved for days of extreme hangover or tailgating a football game (or a combination of both).

Now, thanks largely in part to Burberry sending some of the fashionable elite monogrammed versions of their latest "blanket poncho". This is especially exciting for those located in areas where the next five months can bring nothing but cold stinging noses and frozen toes until the April/May thaw.

The thought of never removing our blankets is one I can definitely get behind and where fashion really has met function in the coziest way possible. 

From Olivia Palermo to Cara Delevigne, most of the figures whose style I aim to somewhat emulate have been donning this comfy hybrid, meaning my inclination toward buying one of my own is increasing by the day (good marketing, Burberry! If only I could afford your version..)

Instead of taking out some loans to get my own personalized Burberry blanket cape, I have found some more fiscally responsible versions to get wrapped up in.
(Although the DIY possibilities are endless with this, especially with cute festive blankets being sold essentially everywhere, go nuts!)

Urban Outfitters