Monday, January 27, 2014


As we all know, the 56th Annual Grammy Awards were last night, and if you weren't aware, how's that rock you've been living under?! 

While I, as well as everyone else on the planet, have my own opinions on the winners/losers/performers from last night, I would like to touch upon some very important observations I need to get off my chest (as told by Instagrams/Tweets)

First of all, American royalty was very obviously in attendance last night (and I'm not talking about Queen Latifa, even though she was there, too...) and she unsurprisingly looked amazing. 


I need to get this comparison that isn't being addressed off my chest-

While it is quite obvious that Queen Bey's dress is far superior, the similarities are somewhat undeniable, and entirely upsetting to make a comparison between Paris Hilton and Beyonce.

While this comparison weighed on my mind for the majority of the night, the series of comparisons that took place on Twitter regarding a certain head covering on a certain age-less musical genius:

Pharrell's hat caused the biggest stir, with everyone jumping on the bandwagon, even 
Gain laundry detergent........which I obviously loved.

But staying classy like the gentleman he (probably) is, Pharrell responded with a hilarious tweet at the (sub-par) sandwich giant.

Friday, January 24, 2014

When Life Hands You A Twerk Shirt... buy it.

And by "life" I mean H&M.

Sometimes you just find yourself in the mall on a Friday night after a looong week surrounded by high school kids slurping their slushies before their parents pick them up (those were the days), and it puts you in a weird place/frame of mind. 
This can evolve into spontaneous and idiotic purchases.

This entire post is dedicated to the fact that I now own this:

(lol at my staging techniques to draw the eye away from the fact that my shirt has the word 'twerk' on it)
(Also, not cropped, just folded. Why commit two evils at once?)

There's not much to say other than I've already worn and subsequently fell in love with it.
Ugh. My bad.


Thursday, January 23, 2014

Back At It

So, it's been a minute, huh?

Once again, the last few posts have been me apologizing for my amazing lack of care given to this baby that has been this blog for the last year and a half (or so...maybe two years?! More?! Math isn't my strong suit, neither is admitting I'm getting old). 

But after having a multitude of quarter-life crises (my favorite phrase now-a-days (a rhyme...should I just quit this and write slam poetry?)) I have come to the conclusion that having something stable like being able to write here will give me some clarity in the next few months of extraordinary change. 

I'm a college senior, and while I do many things other than that, (shameless LinkedIn plug...hire me?), college senior is the persona I choose to identify with exclusively as it is my most fleeting of personas and I have to milk it while I can. 

I expected when announcing this persona in introductions or casual conversation to be met with the same sort of idealistic comments made when I was a high school senior back in the day. 

"Oh you'll love college, just wait" etc. 

Instead, I am met with "Oh god, I'm (insert age over 25) and I still am having withdrawals from college""Best years of my life" "All downhill from here!" 

And everyone's favorite of all:

"So...what are you going to do after?"

To be honest, I'm not sure, and there have been so many whiney articles out there about the unknown and the future and how it inherently stresses everybody out. While I agree with those sentiments, I have gotten to the point where I am just so overly stressed that I have had a calm wash over me; as if I have just been given laughing gas by the dentist. Although this should probably send off some alarm bells, I am instead relieved that I have some relief from this tireless game of "Who's going to get a job first/where/when" and I am just going to do what makes me happy. 

Which brings me back here! 

After months of leaving this poor URL all by its lonesome, I am back for some weekly (maybe more, maybe less...commitment issues, ya know) posts! Gear up for some of the same outfit posts and general (mostly fashion-based but you never know) observations, as well as some new stuff coming up!

To catch you up here are some of the Instagrams I had intended to make posts over the last few months, but only got as far as a caption before my undiagnosed ADD kicked in...enjoy! 

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