Thursday, September 25, 2014

The Most Pinteresting Wedding Ever

Long are the days of LC moaning about her Stephen Colletti issues. Aside from the fact that her Instagrams look as though they have been taken in some sort of pink-hued wonderland where everyone wears bows and perfectly winged eyeliner, ever since Lauren Conrad launched The Beauty Department, her beauty-fashion-lifestyle website, she has been a staple on essentially everyone's Pinterest board. 

So, it's only natural that when she tied the knot, no one would be too shocked if Pinterest just crashed. Thankfully, UsWeekly released her photos in full (which I snagged thanks to WhoWhatWear) and here are my favorites!

Swoon away! 



Thursday, September 18, 2014

Oh My Lord (& Taylor) !!

        Last night was the private pre-opening party at the new Lord & Taylor in Albany. It was a great event with shopping, drinks, and delicious snacks (including some out-of-this-world black and white cookies!). A portion of the sale proceeds went to The American Red Cross Northeastern NY Region and the Ronald McDonald House Charities of the Capital Region. 

It's very exciting to have another great shopping destination within the 518, and what a great way to kick off their new location with such great causes! Here are a few snaps of the new location, what I wore, and a gratutitous shot of a hat I will acquire shortly.... enjoy!

A big thank you to Lord & Taylor and Baker PR for inviting me!

Top // Skirt (Old) Similar) // Heels
Clutch // Monogram necklace
Reuniting with the best intern-friends!


Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Eyes Bigger Than My Closet

Whilst prepping for the inevitable apartment I will one day (soon?) live in, finding small-space ways to fit my large-scale wardrobe has become a favorite pastime of mine. Scouring Pinterest and have become my Netflix (just kidding, I multitask).

In an effort to become even remotely similar to Lauren Conrad, I have attempted to create an interesting way to house my scarves, now that they are once again seasonally appropriate. 

And after 2 hours of organizing in a room that will probably be comparable to my hopeful future apartment, the best I could come up with was to replace my curtains with said scarves and hope for the best.


Am I LC yet!?

Not quite. But here are some of my favorite pins and clever ideas for gals such as myself whose eyes are bigger than their closet. 


Monday, September 15, 2014

Land's End Has More Than Fleece?: An Investigation

SO – already missed a day of this "30 consecutive days of blogging" thing. SUE ME (don't - all you would get out of that is my extensive collection of candles and hair ties).

Today I'm here to make a proclamation and announcement, that after thorough research I have concluded that Land's End has officially had a makeover/rebrand done right!

After seeing a post by Refinery29, that was obviously sponsored by Land's End, speaking to a "new look", I was skeptical – that was until I saw their new site!  Yes, very aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate, but when you actually get into some of their posts, it is very nice. They even have pretty exciting look books (!!!)

Said exciting lookbooks
Land's End

Aside from nerding out over site design, the clothes were even more pleasing! Rather than the typical notion I have when I think of Land's End, fleece half-zips and long johns for skiing (fear not-they still have those), I liked the clothes objectively, not just as an improvement from their stock of years past!

Seeing the clothes has given me a very LOFT/ J.Crew-vibe, and I definitely do not hate it. Will I buy my whole wardrobe here? No. But it's a nice new(ish) place to get basic fall necessities and some pieces that no one will think were purchased at Land's End.

Here are some of my faves:



Saturday, September 13, 2014

Fall Wish List

Pretty much summed up from the title, these are the pieces that hopefully stumble home one night and find themselves in my closet....hopefully within the next few weeks. 

Urban Outfitters
Sole Society


One Teaspoon

What's on your wish list?! What is missing from mine?! Leave a comment and tell me!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Kendall-together Distracting?

Now that NYFW has wrapped, the time of reflection has begun. As I was looking back over all of the coverage of shows, I found myself reacting each time I scrolled through the models and saw Kendall Jenner. This reaction was not wholly positive or negative, I realized that when this sighting occurred, I was distracted by the fact that Kendall was hired for the show.

Now, I understand the move to have Kendall in a show, she is stunningly beautiful, however the potential publicity for the brand is probably a more driving force behind the decision. I'm just curious if it is her or the brand who is getting the attention. (ps. it's her).

This has all just made me wonder if this has been true for all major supermodels in history. I suppose no one has had the crossover like Kendall has, and with the influx of social media (and her well-documented presence on said social media), she had more influence before she became a model, rather than because she became a model had some influence on her blossoming publicity following her catwalk adventures. 

In any event, she had the chance to rock some amazing frocks down the runway this last week, which is reason enough for some photo-based envy. Enjoy!

Diane von Furstenburg
Marc Jacobs

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Sporty Spice

The sporty-chic trend has been around for a couple of seasons now, especially since the inception of the now ubiquitous sneaker-wedge silhouette coined by Isabel Marant. Since these sneaks were seemingly worn by every celebrity and blogger in the entire world, the concept of taking the gym to the street became much less taboo and much more chic. 

Most notably, the "jogger pants" trend that has gone from the walls of Planet Fitness to the runway. This exciting development means for those uninterested in indulging the confines of skinny jeans, but want to distance themselves from harem pants, now have a happy medium. 

From the throwback excitement of the varsity jacket (made more exciting with panels of leather) to jerseys made into variably office appropriate shift dresses, this trend is everywhere and for everyone. 

So, although we can't all look like Taylor Swift leaving the gym (is she a witch?!) many brands have taken the sports route in their new collections, there really is no excuse to just wear yoga pants everyday to pass off as "sporty"....(only those ones when you really need to...we've all been there)

Chanel via T Magazine
Even Chanel has gotten on the bandwagon and made tweed-rubber hybrid sneakers.
(Please take a moment and picture Karl Lagerfeld in sneakers)


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Worth the InVESTment?

By glancing at photos of my middle school years, it is clear that this gal has never said no to a good vest. Aside from the fact that a very fetching maroon knit vest that accompanied my school uniform, every fall meant purchasing a brand new puffer vest for the cooler months. 

Although this puffer vest fascination waned throughout my formative years (although never fully disappeared), the next vest purchases were during my college years and were an army cargo vest, a leather moto vest (something I may not have worn as much as anticipated), and what girl didn't dabble in the faux-fur vest trend?

However, an emerging trend this fall has been of the more formal and longer length vest varieties. As I laid eyes upon these amazing structures of wool and leather, my vest obsession (obvestssion?) came hurdling back into view. 

...and also Olivia Palermo (aka my queen) rocked the heck out of an orange version which is reason enough to try it out.

Although initially, with my views of the traditional puffer vest fresh in my mind, these new silhouettes seemed more like sleeveless coats as opposed to vests, a distinction I realized that was only important in my own personal repertoire, really. 

With much help from an article on my favorite website (dare I say, of all time?), Refinery29, I have compiled a list of some of my favorites – from the affordable to the take-out-a-loan-dare-to-dream variety. 

Ann Taylor

Club Monaco
Urban Outfitters

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

BFW (Bedside Fashion Week)

Like any gal with a low checking account, extensive shoe collection and a Vogue subscription can tell you, heading to a show during New York Fashion Week is the dream. While I was very fortunate enough to attend a show during London Fashion Week in 2012, my dream of NYFW still remains. However, some brands are opting to live-stream their shows. 

This, my friends, makes me very happy. 

Not only am I able to view the upcoming collections of some of my favorite, most sought-after designers in real-time, but I get to do so from the comfort of my bed while sipping coffee rather than rushing in the stuffy NYC after an early morning of primping. While this doesn't replace the actual experience, I am trying to tell myself it's comparable. (It's not). 

My front-row seat included a down comforter

This morning I watched the Tory Burch presentation and it was just all sorts of lovely. Here are some of my favorites:




And then my two favorite embellished pieces of recent memory:


Basically in love with the prevalence of white button-downs (a personal staple of mine) and the seemingly comfortable woven shoe theme. 

Another show of note today (among the many, I know) is most definitely J.Crew's presentation. A can of worms I would love to delve into, but what would I write about tomorrow?!