Thursday, September 11, 2014

Sporty Spice

The sporty-chic trend has been around for a couple of seasons now, especially since the inception of the now ubiquitous sneaker-wedge silhouette coined by Isabel Marant. Since these sneaks were seemingly worn by every celebrity and blogger in the entire world, the concept of taking the gym to the street became much less taboo and much more chic. 

Most notably, the "jogger pants" trend that has gone from the walls of Planet Fitness to the runway. This exciting development means for those uninterested in indulging the confines of skinny jeans, but want to distance themselves from harem pants, now have a happy medium. 

From the throwback excitement of the varsity jacket (made more exciting with panels of leather) to jerseys made into variably office appropriate shift dresses, this trend is everywhere and for everyone. 

So, although we can't all look like Taylor Swift leaving the gym (is she a witch?!) many brands have taken the sports route in their new collections, there really is no excuse to just wear yoga pants everyday to pass off as "sporty"....(only those ones when you really need to...we've all been there)

Chanel via T Magazine
Even Chanel has gotten on the bandwagon and made tweed-rubber hybrid sneakers.
(Please take a moment and picture Karl Lagerfeld in sneakers)


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