Friday, September 12, 2014

Kendall-together Distracting?

Now that NYFW has wrapped, the time of reflection has begun. As I was looking back over all of the coverage of shows, I found myself reacting each time I scrolled through the models and saw Kendall Jenner. This reaction was not wholly positive or negative, I realized that when this sighting occurred, I was distracted by the fact that Kendall was hired for the show.

Now, I understand the move to have Kendall in a show, she is stunningly beautiful, however the potential publicity for the brand is probably a more driving force behind the decision. I'm just curious if it is her or the brand who is getting the attention. (ps. it's her).

This has all just made me wonder if this has been true for all major supermodels in history. I suppose no one has had the crossover like Kendall has, and with the influx of social media (and her well-documented presence on said social media), she had more influence before she became a model, rather than because she became a model had some influence on her blossoming publicity following her catwalk adventures. 

In any event, she had the chance to rock some amazing frocks down the runway this last week, which is reason enough for some photo-based envy. Enjoy!

Diane von Furstenburg
Marc Jacobs

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