Sunday, December 30, 2012

Dress Like It's 2013!

Considering we didn't die in a fiery inferno on the 21st, we must endure another new year's eve. Cue the obligatory NYE outfit post:

For this widely accepted overrated holiday, the typical reaction is to dress in head-to-toe sequins because "it's festive!". Now I am definitely not innocent when it comes to this way of thinking, and the not one, not two, but THREE sequin dresses in my closet would be enough proof for the ages.
If you are hoping to avoid looking like you're attending a soiree as your 8th grade self, here are some easy ways to have just the right amount of sparkle for the impending new year.

Dress, Clutch, Shoes, Earrings
First, you could take the LBD route and simply spice it up with accents. The sequin clutch is my reluctant homage to the typical NYE notion, and the other gold additions simply tie the whole look together. Because of the high neckline, you could either go with a necklace or earrings, like I have paired here.
Sweater, Skirt, Ankle Booties, Bracelet, Earrings
This look, I have to admit, is something I basically wore the other day to a holiday party. A sequin skirt juxtaposed against a plain, black cardigan is not only interesting and somewhat casual, but honestly makes the look that much more comfortable and gives the ability to be worn for many hours at a time. Due to the busy skirt, all accessories are neutral and very minimal. The nude ankle bootie will help further elongate the leg, while the matte hammered cuff tones down the sparkle.

Shirt, Pants, Booties, Clutch, Collar
Finally, I felt I had to include something I have been coveting all season; leather pants. Especially in oxblood, these pants are amazing and a good way to stay somewhat dressy while avoiding dresses or skirts. The chambray shirt brings a casual component, and the light colored accessories bring up the festive component. 

Whatever you are up to this NYE, get home safe so you can wake up the next morning and make those sweeping resolutions to be broken promptly after like the rest of us!

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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Trend Tuesday: 'Tis the Season for Ugly Sweaters


Granted, it's not a new trend to wear ugly holiday sweaters for the entirety of December, but lately it has turned intentional. What I mean by this, is in years past, the sweaters donned in this merry month were not intentionally hilarious, but simply expected to be worn as they were traditionally gifts from grandma/aunts/moms/etc. However, with the adaptation and increase in popularity of "ugly sweater parties", these sweaters have become a hot commodity at Salvation Army.

In this Sunday's Sunday Styles section of the NYT, there was an entire article dedicated to the expansion of this trend into stores, specifically Urban Outfitters. Instead of holiday revelers having to bargain hunt in Salvation Army or thrift stores of the like, Urban has mad their own brand of ugly sweaters for the modern elf. Aside from this indie clothing giant, there are also websites dedicated solely to these, excuse the british, jumpers!( etc)

The article concludes by remarking these sweaters are best accomplished if the wearer goes "...extremely tacky or very funny". So, if you haven't already, get hunting for those light-up, tinsel-laden, and sequined covered sweaters to wear this season!

Also: to get more in the season:

Holiday Cheer!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Thrifty Thursday: Stocking Stuffers for the Chic Chick!

I will be the first to admit that I am probably pretty hard to shop for. I may have a variety of interests, but it seems those interests include fashion and writing for the most part, so how many gift cards and travel notebooks can one girl handle!? (More notebooks though, I really can't get enough of those suckers... #hoarder)
If you are having trouble buying those small little gifts for your friends/ mom/ aunts/ daughters/ cousins/ nieces/ yoga instructors, look no further! I have been scouring the web for some of these inexpensive gems that may be just the ticket to help end your shopping woes before December 24th rolls around all too quickly. 

For the student:

It is a sad thing when someone asks someone of a younger generation what time it is, and immediately the fumbling for the phone (if it isn't already out) begins. I am trying to bring the watch back as a means to not only consistently tell the time, but also because I am LOVING wrap watches at the moment. Combining bracelet layering with a watch is simply brilliant. 
If you have ever read this blog before, you should be somewhat aware of my dangerous addiction to the color mint. It was huge this summer, and it has surprisingly transitioned nicely into the cooler months as well. I do not believe this color is going anywhere anytime soon, and this satchel is pretty much the cutest thing since the laughing baby videos hit youtube. (do a search, thank me later).

For your friend who just came back from being abroad or who is going abroad:

So, this may be because I am abroad now, and I feel I now have some worldly insight on what girls who are just coming back from/ just about leaving for studying abroad, but these two are pretty awesome gifts and can be used for anyone with the traveling bug.

This map is pretty much the coolest thing I have ever seen. As you visit the countries, you get to play lotto ticket and scratch that sucker off! A visual representation of how much of the world you have seen while at the same time how much more there is to see is really enjoyable and definitely inspiring. 

And take it from a constantly exhausted traveling student, traveling takes sleeping from an enjoyable nightly activity to a means of survival on long/cramped RyanAir flights or MegaBus rides. Having a cute Holly Golightly themed face mask is a good way to remain incognito while grabbing some shut eye in between country hopping.

For someone with a new apartment:

So this physically fitting into a stocking is doubtful. Buuuuut its so cute and definitely a nice way to display and organize jewelry. In a new place, the decor may be lacking and this is a nice way to start the decorating process for a friend without getting sucked into painting for them. 

Someone moving is definitely cause for some sort of housewarming gift. The hard part is trying to predict what their decor will look like, and trying not to buy something that will clash. This is seemingly impossible. Therefore, the easy route to go is to buy something comforting that will make the place feel like home even when it is in the process of becoming one. Candles are a great way to do this not only because they give warmth and delicious smells to the new home, but you can also find many in adorable containers such as this one from Anthropologie that will pretty much go well with any decor. And show me one person who wouldn't want their house to smell like angel food cake and I will show you a liar.

For every girl:

No girl can have enough scarves. They are pretty much the easiest way to transform an outfit and simultaneously keep you warm (or cover up a mustard stain on your shirt....been there done that too many times to count). This scarf from Tobi is just a juxtaposition of awesomeness. The black and skulls are a little dark and ominous, and Alexander McQueen reminiscent, but the addition of flowers masks the darkness and makes the scarf incredibly wearable.

So, I can't really afford anything from Marc Jacobs, and to make up for that I purchased his Daisy perfume in high school, and to this day, it seems to be one of the best investments I've made to date. I love the light, fun scent and if you have a friend who is still without a signature scent, or is someone who likes to experiment or switch up her scent, this is the perfect gift! The roller ball perfume is perfect for in your purse to freshen up throughout the day. 

For the professional:
Kate Spade
I honestly think Kate Spade's goal in life is to make professional women look fabulous CONSTANTLY, and let me just tell you, she is definitely succeeding. This adorable poppy-colored iphone case comes equipped with a back sleeve that is perfect for some business cards when on the move!
There is no shame in maybe needing a little help in the sight department after long hours staring at a computer screen or document scanning for hours on end. If you know someone heading toward this fate, make sure they are doing so in style! These are mad-men inspired glasses that would having to wear glasses definitely more bearable.

Happy Shopping!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

What to Wear Wednesday: Finals Edition

Even though I have been pretending to be on a four month vacation here in London, I am, in fact, studying and therefore have the same task of final exams as many of my comrades in the U.S. The thing with universities over here that differs from finals week in the U.S. is no one actually looks like they are taking finals. 

Usually college campuses are littered with sweatpants, sweatshirts, and even slippers during the dreaded finals week, but living in a city as big and as wonderful as London is, you pretty much always have to be on your game. Just stayed up for 36 hours to finish that paper? Or in my case, take four final exams in that 36 hour span? Well you best not resort to loungewear!

Because of limited (and ever-dwindling) mental capacity at the end of this week from mental and physical exhaustion as well as emotional turmoil about leaving this island, I have truly been struggling to keep up appearances at the drop of a hat. I have compiled some fool-proof options for outfits that require minimal concentration, sleep, and cares to be given.

Sweater, Shirt, Pants, Belt, Loafers

This first look is for someone who enjoys the "academically preppy" look. Aside from being exceedingly cute and comfortable, you will also be quite warm! By layering a chambray shirt under the adorable J. Crew pear sweater, you add dimension and warmth. The slight hint of gold from the belt and tips of the loafers give a slight air of girlies in this very menswear-inspired look.

Sweater, Thermal, Scarf, Jeans, Boots
One of the most popular sweaters this season has to be the open aztec printed cardigan. This has pretty much been transformed into every size, color, and print imaginable. Luckily, this means they are widely available! And once you discover the ease of a piece like this, you will want to stock up! Add some combat boots with studs to toughen up the outfit and fend off predators who are trying to steal your perfect spot in the library!

Vest, Leggings, Shirt, Boots, Hat
Last, I knew I had to include a fur vest somewhere in here, as they are pretty much the most divalicious and comfortable pieces to wear in the winter (or summer, if you're the star of a 90's rap video). Not only is this an easy way to class up a possibly boring outfit, but it also provides a seemingly impenetrable barrier against the cold, yet overheating proves nearly impossible due to the lack of sleeves! Perfect combination. The beanie was added in an attempt to help out the girls who may not be having the best hair day during finals, such as myself. Throw that on and go for hipster chic and you're hygienic habits will be under wraps!

Good luck to everyone in finals! May the odds be ever in your favor. 


Saturday, December 8, 2012

Silly Saturday: Harry Potter Costumes

So this post should really be called Nerdy Saturday, but that obviously doesn't flow quite as well.

A few weekends ago, I was able to go to the Harry Potter Studio tour right outside of London, (as I told you in my beanie post here) and let me just tell you it was (sorry Mom) AMAZEBALLS.

I am a full-fledged, not very ashamed, beyond huge fan of Harry Potter, and always have been. This tour showed us everything. Sets, props, and most importantly, costumes. Obviously I pretty much geeked out at the entire experience, but it seems I was inherently more geeky when the costumes came into play.

From quidditch capes, to dress robes, to the Weasley's knitted Christmas sweaters it was AMAZING. I'm done talking, just sit back and enjoy!

(pictures are all my own!)
Faculty shot

Hufflepuff Quidditch Uniforms! MORE IMPORTANTLY the uniform Robert Pattinson wore when he
was in HP...Didn't think I could get nerdier, huh?

Sirius Black's Azkaban uniform and Professor Lupin with his wife, Tonk. 


Ron's very flattering dress robes

Dress robes! Hermione's Dress, Krum's uniform

Luna Lovegood's costumes

Dolores Umbridge's very pink ensembles

All in all, pretty much the highlight of my day/week/month/year/life which may or may not be be the judge.