Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Hand Bracelets?

This will just be a very quick post, simply because I have a very quick question:

What are hand bracelets, and why do they exist?


I have been seeing these little accessories online in different places and they have been intriguing me, yet not tickling my fancy. This is mainly because I immediately think of the many, everyday problematic aspects to these items;

What if you want to give a high-five?! The recipient of that congratulatory gesture could be seriously injured.

What if you happen upon an old-fashioned English gentleman who intends to kiss the back of your hand in greeting? He will be sorely disappointed by getting a taste of metal rather than skin.

What I'm also wondering is about the evolution of such a product. Is it the double-fingered ring idea just moved slightly south? Or is it simply a bracelet moved in the northern direction?
In any event, the love child of these two ideas seems to be expanding, but I am dubious it will catch on.

That's all folks!