Saturday, July 13, 2013

OOTD + Lazy Saturday

  Spent the morning with my lovely mother at the Troy Farmer's Market getting all sorts of goodies and possibly the best lemonade ever (water, lemon and sugar..who knew?)

Shirt-Gap / Shorts- CR / Sunglasses: Ray-Ban
I always equate farmer's market runs with chambray and denim (maybe a stereotype...), so I knew that my newly found but not-so-recently purchased Gap chambray would definitely be a go-to. The printed shorts are those that feel like pajama shorts, but look way more put-together. Perfect for an early Saturday morning. 

Our haul- Gatherer's Granola, if you need a sponsor, holler at me. 

What do you guys wear to Farmer's Markets or for everyday weekend wear?!

Monday, July 8, 2013

Half-Tuck Won't Cost a Buck

In a cash rut? Spent all your money on leather pants in June? (just me?) An easy (and free) way to spice up your wardrobe is simply wearing the clothes you have in a new way; my favorite: the half-tuck.


I was thinking about writing a post like this for a while considering that I rock the half-tuck (sometimes quarter that a thing?) on an almost daily basis. However, it put a little fire under my hiney when I saw one of my favorite bloggers, Amanda from Advice From a Twenty Something, wrote basically a tell-all tutorial about tucking.

Rather than go for the full-on tuck that if you're not careful, can be reminiscent of a substitute teacher or a kid on their way to school seconds from untucking what their parent had just mercilessly tucked in.

Samantha of Could I Have That?

The half-tuck is an elegant and chic way to add structure to an outfit with an oversize component. Whether it is an oversized chunky knit juxtaposed with a miniskirt, a sleeveless button-down with some skinny jeans, or a classic men's Hanes white T and some ever-present denim cut-offs.

How I've rocked the half-tuck semi-recently:

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