Sunday, June 29, 2014

Olivia Palermo Absolutely Slayed the Wedding Game

Olivia Palermo has been my style queen for definitely over five years now. From her effortless day looks to her amazingly chic red carpet attire, she is unquestionably the person I wish to emulate most (other than my mom and BeyoncĂ©, for obvious reasons). 

It is because of my longevity of idolization that Palermo has warmed my cold, dead heart to the idea of weddings. Mostly that it wouldn't be the most horrible of experiences if I were able to rock anything similar to what she donned this weekend in her own nuptials. I am all for classic looks, but when you switch out lace for cashmere and add a pair of shorts under a full, asymmetrical tulle skirt (and have them all designed by Carolina Herrera) you know that this girl is going to swoon.

I am also loving the white-out matching of the bride and groom. Not to mention she is rocking her "something blue"in the form of Manolo Blahniks right on her feet!

Moral of the story: I am obsessed with Olivia Palermo's entire being and her wedding photos will undoubtedly be the most "pinned"items on Pinterest of 2014. 

(and those eyebrows though.....where do I get those?!?!)

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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Summer Wish List

Making lists is somewhat of a passion of mine. To put it in perspective, I think I came out of the womb and probably checked "take first breath" off my mental to-do list. It's my most notable (and endearing? annoying?) Type-A quality.

This list-making fascination has come in quite handy when juggling classes, internships, a social life, and finances (a.k.a how exactly how many trips to the Whole Foods salad bar I can make in between paychecks). 

I have now started to make lists at the start of each season of what would ideally make its way into my closet sometime in the coming months. This keeps me focused and also helps me refrain from purchasing items purely out of impulse or because Olivia Palermo was wearing it in InStyle this week.
(The girl's got serious style, what can I say?)

For this summer, my list may not be extensive, but it is specific. It is as follows:

1. A light, draped trench coat

Rachel Zoe via Shopbop // 2 Haute Hippie via Shopbop // 3 NastyGal
Aside from the obvious aesthetic reasons I may wish to procure this item, I also think it will be my first step in owning a real-life grown up trench coat now that I am a post-grad. 

2. Metallic Pumps

1 Manolo Blahnik via Barneys // 2 Club Monaco // 3 J.Crew

Truth be told, these have been on my wish list for a couple of months, and only a few weeks ago did I finally bite the bullet and buy the J.Crew version, pictured as #3 here. I have only had them in my possession for about two weeks, but they are already one of my more used summer heels. 

3. High-Waisted Dark(ish) Denim
1 Levi's // 2 H&M // 3 H&M
For whatever reason, I don't own a pair of these suckers. I know this isn't the most summer-themed item, but I think that high-waisted denim is the perfect complement to any summer top for a night out. The days may be sweltering, but I somehow always feel the chill enough to wish I had worn pants out. 

4. LWD (Little White Dress)

1 Dolce Vita via Bloomingdales // 2 Zara // 3 Urban Outfitters
This is the item on my list I am a little less specific about. To be honest, I'm not sure what kind of LWD  I am after, although it seems I have a sleeveless theme here.

5. Floral Skirt

1 Givenchy via Selfridges // 2 ASOS // 3. Jealous Tomato via Piperlime
Floral skirts such as these remind me of Joan in Mad Men, only instead of strutting around an office, I hope to don one of them to a day at the Saratoga Race Track sometime this summer. The print will also distract everyone from my obviously bleak expression when I lose all of my money whilst there!

So that's my wish list, it is ever-growing and ever-edited depending on my mood and the day. I will plan on doing one of these before every season. 
(sort of doing this in the throws of summer, but you can't win them all!)

What's on your list?! What am I missing from mine!?

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Sunday, June 22, 2014


So...onto year 3(ish) of this blog and I have not been consistent for more than 7 months at a time. Not a very good first impression!

Initially used for accruing writing samples for internship applications in college, this blog has, and will hopefully continue to, evolve into something more now that I am a real human.
(read: non-college student)

(Here comes the part where I make sweeping statements about intended future posting)

Starting now, WEEKLY posts will be a real thing, and this whole "funemployment" thing will hopefully keep me accountable. 

Now I am off to brainstorm what I will actually write about for these so-called weekly posts. If you have any ideas or suggestions, leave them below!

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