Wednesday, December 12, 2012

What to Wear Wednesday: Finals Edition

Even though I have been pretending to be on a four month vacation here in London, I am, in fact, studying and therefore have the same task of final exams as many of my comrades in the U.S. The thing with universities over here that differs from finals week in the U.S. is no one actually looks like they are taking finals. 

Usually college campuses are littered with sweatpants, sweatshirts, and even slippers during the dreaded finals week, but living in a city as big and as wonderful as London is, you pretty much always have to be on your game. Just stayed up for 36 hours to finish that paper? Or in my case, take four final exams in that 36 hour span? Well you best not resort to loungewear!

Because of limited (and ever-dwindling) mental capacity at the end of this week from mental and physical exhaustion as well as emotional turmoil about leaving this island, I have truly been struggling to keep up appearances at the drop of a hat. I have compiled some fool-proof options for outfits that require minimal concentration, sleep, and cares to be given.

Sweater, Shirt, Pants, Belt, Loafers

This first look is for someone who enjoys the "academically preppy" look. Aside from being exceedingly cute and comfortable, you will also be quite warm! By layering a chambray shirt under the adorable J. Crew pear sweater, you add dimension and warmth. The slight hint of gold from the belt and tips of the loafers give a slight air of girlies in this very menswear-inspired look.

Sweater, Thermal, Scarf, Jeans, Boots
One of the most popular sweaters this season has to be the open aztec printed cardigan. This has pretty much been transformed into every size, color, and print imaginable. Luckily, this means they are widely available! And once you discover the ease of a piece like this, you will want to stock up! Add some combat boots with studs to toughen up the outfit and fend off predators who are trying to steal your perfect spot in the library!

Vest, Leggings, Shirt, Boots, Hat
Last, I knew I had to include a fur vest somewhere in here, as they are pretty much the most divalicious and comfortable pieces to wear in the winter (or summer, if you're the star of a 90's rap video). Not only is this an easy way to class up a possibly boring outfit, but it also provides a seemingly impenetrable barrier against the cold, yet overheating proves nearly impossible due to the lack of sleeves! Perfect combination. The beanie was added in an attempt to help out the girls who may not be having the best hair day during finals, such as myself. Throw that on and go for hipster chic and you're hygienic habits will be under wraps!

Good luck to everyone in finals! May the odds be ever in your favor. 


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