Tuesday, September 9, 2014

BFW (Bedside Fashion Week)

Like any gal with a low checking account, extensive shoe collection and a Vogue subscription can tell you, heading to a show during New York Fashion Week is the dream. While I was very fortunate enough to attend a show during London Fashion Week in 2012, my dream of NYFW still remains. However, some brands are opting to live-stream their shows. 

This, my friends, makes me very happy. 

Not only am I able to view the upcoming collections of some of my favorite, most sought-after designers in real-time, but I get to do so from the comfort of my bed while sipping coffee rather than rushing in the stuffy NYC after an early morning of primping. While this doesn't replace the actual experience, I am trying to tell myself it's comparable. (It's not). 

My front-row seat included a down comforter

This morning I watched the Tory Burch presentation and it was just all sorts of lovely. Here are some of my favorites:




And then my two favorite embellished pieces of recent memory:


Basically in love with the prevalence of white button-downs (a personal staple of mine) and the seemingly comfortable woven shoe theme. 

Another show of note today (among the many, I know) is most definitely J.Crew's presentation. A can of worms I would love to delve into, but what would I write about tomorrow?!

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