Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Eyes Bigger Than My Closet

Whilst prepping for the inevitable apartment I will one day (soon?) live in, finding small-space ways to fit my large-scale wardrobe has become a favorite pastime of mine. Scouring Pinterest and ApartmentTherapy.com have become my Netflix (just kidding, I multitask).

In an effort to become even remotely similar to Lauren Conrad, I have attempted to create an interesting way to house my scarves, now that they are once again seasonally appropriate. 

And after 2 hours of organizing in a room that will probably be comparable to my hopeful future apartment, the best I could come up with was to replace my curtains with said scarves and hope for the best.


Am I LC yet!?

Not quite. But here are some of my favorite pins and clever ideas for gals such as myself whose eyes are bigger than their closet. 


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