Monday, September 15, 2014

Land's End Has More Than Fleece?: An Investigation

SO – already missed a day of this "30 consecutive days of blogging" thing. SUE ME (don't - all you would get out of that is my extensive collection of candles and hair ties).

Today I'm here to make a proclamation and announcement, that after thorough research I have concluded that Land's End has officially had a makeover/rebrand done right!

After seeing a post by Refinery29, that was obviously sponsored by Land's End, speaking to a "new look", I was skeptical – that was until I saw their new site!  Yes, very aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate, but when you actually get into some of their posts, it is very nice. They even have pretty exciting look books (!!!)

Said exciting lookbooks
Land's End

Aside from nerding out over site design, the clothes were even more pleasing! Rather than the typical notion I have when I think of Land's End, fleece half-zips and long johns for skiing (fear not-they still have those), I liked the clothes objectively, not just as an improvement from their stock of years past!

Seeing the clothes has given me a very LOFT/ J.Crew-vibe, and I definitely do not hate it. Will I buy my whole wardrobe here? No. But it's a nice new(ish) place to get basic fall necessities and some pieces that no one will think were purchased at Land's End.

Here are some of my faves:



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