Monday, January 27, 2014


As we all know, the 56th Annual Grammy Awards were last night, and if you weren't aware, how's that rock you've been living under?! 

While I, as well as everyone else on the planet, have my own opinions on the winners/losers/performers from last night, I would like to touch upon some very important observations I need to get off my chest (as told by Instagrams/Tweets)

First of all, American royalty was very obviously in attendance last night (and I'm not talking about Queen Latifa, even though she was there, too...) and she unsurprisingly looked amazing. 


I need to get this comparison that isn't being addressed off my chest-

While it is quite obvious that Queen Bey's dress is far superior, the similarities are somewhat undeniable, and entirely upsetting to make a comparison between Paris Hilton and Beyonce.

While this comparison weighed on my mind for the majority of the night, the series of comparisons that took place on Twitter regarding a certain head covering on a certain age-less musical genius:

Pharrell's hat caused the biggest stir, with everyone jumping on the bandwagon, even 
Gain laundry detergent........which I obviously loved.

But staying classy like the gentleman he (probably) is, Pharrell responded with a hilarious tweet at the (sub-par) sandwich giant.

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