Friday, November 23, 2012

Footwear Friday! Margiela at H&M

Happy turkey hangover day!

As many of you may be aware, Margiela just collaborated with H&M for an amazing line. I happened to go into H&M on the day the collection launched in order to snap some pictures of (and ultimately empty my bank account to buy) the shoes Vogue had teased me with online here.
However, upon entering the store on High Street Kensington, it was a MADHOUSE. People had signed up to buy tickets for certain times of day to shop. I obviously wandered around for about 30 minutes until I sensed a lull and then I ran into the madness.
To my chagrin, the shoes in their entirety had been picked over, and none of the shoes I had been longing over (for 3 days) were there any longer. Que sera, sera.
Specifically, the shoes I was yearning for were those that had the plexiglass wedge heel, and it just so happens that Margiela did THREE different shoes with this heel. WOO enjoy!



These basically look like you're constantly standing on your tip-toes, which is obviously a plus because people will think you have calves that would rival a Russian ballerina, and isn't that what everyone wants?

Other than the fact they are pretty much the coolest things I have ever seen, I am a big fan of designer collaborations with affordable brands, such as H&M.

If ANYONE knows where this girl can get her hands on those wedge plexiglass ankle booties, help a sista out and leave it in the comments!!

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