Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Dreamin' of Theme-in'

Horrible titles aside, I was wondering how to keep these posts somewhat streamlined and on-track (considering I now consider a 250 word post on skorts an acceptable addition to society)

So, I have determined I need to start having themes! Obviously due to my nerdy tendencies (and slight hint of OCD), they are all alliterations!

Make-up/Menswear Monday- I either discuss something exciting in the male fashion world, how something in that demographic will apply to my life, or some sort of beauty aspect I am currently fascinated with. I know, weird things to put together, but I will chose only one to discuss (unless men's makeup becomes a thing, and then all bets are off!)

Trend Tuesday-Choosing a current trend and giving my two cents (I promise no more about skorts)

What to Wear Wednesday- Pretty self-explanatory, I tell you what to wear, just like an overbearing stage mom.

Thrifty Thursday-I give away all my secrets to being stingy and stylish

Footwear Friday- Because shoe Saturday ended up sounding like shoe Shaterday when I said it out loud...

Silly Saturday-Bascially a free-for-all, and always a surprise (even to me)

Selfie Sunday- where y'all get to see me in my hangover prime, because that's why Sundays were invented.
SOOO get ready for some of those! WEE!
In the meantime, here is a photoshopped picture of Ryan Gosling on Jesus' body...
Thanks, Buzzfeed! Source
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