Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thrifty Thursday: Diet of Vegan Leather Skirts

Name one reason you shouldn't have a leather skater skirt in your closet at this very moment. Nothing? That's what I thought.
 Forget the trench coat or the LBD, I have decided this is the new staple of every 20-something's wardrobes. (That statement may need to be retracted after the initial high of this new find has subsided, but humor me for now)
I have spotted these fun little numbers (am I 60?) at stores all over ranging from traditional black to light pink, from ass-grazing to floor length. The one thing that has varied just as much as the shape and length of the garment is the price. Considering this is Thrifty Thursday, I will give you the low-down on what I have discovered.
Source: Urban Outfitters

I first saw this lovely vegan leather skater skirt on Urban Outfitters, which, coming in at a reasonable $69 dollars, isn't SO bad. However, when you consider the fact you are buying something that is probably one of the lesser practical items, you may want to save some of that dough.

Source: Asos

I then went scouring on my typical go-tos for the thriftiest of fashions. However, one place that I can alsmot always rely on to have amazing sales, Asos, threw me a curveball with this skater skirt coming in at a whopping $175.90! Asos, for shame.

Source: Tobi

Then, my reliable source for amazing items for great prices, Tobi, came through with a vengeance. I found, dare I say it, the cutest version of them all, and for the great price of $30. AND if you sign up for Tobi, they tend to send you amazing deals like 50% off a purchase....worth it!

All in all, the vegan skirts are obviously the cheaper (and more humane) options. Win-win.

Get out there and replace your LBD with your LBVLS (little black vegan leather skirt....working title...)

P.S. I would write a cute little "Happy Thanksgiving!" part of this post if I wasn't so bitter about missing it this year being in London...I guess I just lost that battle too.

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  1. You should just go ahead and do your own Thanksgiving! We're both doing little celebrations in Paris and São Paulo (although the SP has been delayed until Saturday, since no one has off here).

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    2. You're right! Who says I have to be in the U.S.? I think we found a little place here with a Thanksgiving meal and some 2 pound margaritas...where could I go wrong!? Enjoy your holiday in Paris!! xo