Friday, September 21, 2012

Vodafone's London Fashion Weekend

Yesterday began the Vodafone London Fashion Weekend, which was kicked off by a day of panels and shows at the Somerset House. I was fortunate enough to attend the trend show, which showcased the trends from the shows during London Fashion Week, which wrapped up this past Tuesday. 
The show was awesome, and seeing the variety of different trends was really exciting, and way better then viewing from my computer screen! 
However, it is clear I need to go to a class to figure out how to work my fancy camera. The lighting of the runway made it so hard to actually get a decent shot of the clothes. No worries, though, I was able to snap some semi-clear pictures, and the weaker shots have been weeded out.
Before we get into the trends and runway shots, I have to indulge myself, and show you what I wore. 

T-shirt: H&M, Skirt: Monsoon, Belt: Francesca's, Jacket: Bison D'eve, Heels: H&M

shoes: H&M

aaaaaand we're back: 

The first trend was entitled: "Kitchen Sink" which was described as having a 50's vibe, but funkier.

I definitely got a funky Austin Powers meets Betty Draper with a little bit of bohemian vibe as well. It was an interesting conglomerate, to say the least, but was a definitely a fun way to open the show.

The next trend is referred to as "Lady Brocade" and was an homage to the embellishments and baroque theme that dominated the runways for the F/W collections. It appears as though this trend will be expanded to encompass the S/S collections as well!

Finally, my favorite trend, "Sergeant Indigo" pays homage to the military trend that seems to be paired with the color of the season, indigo. I don't know if it was the structural aspects of the clothes, which to me, is not typical of spring and summer collections.
I don't know what it says about me that I prefer the harsher clothes rather than the flowy and light fabrics and clothes we are accustomed to seeing on the spring/summer runways.

So that's probably more than you ever needed to see/know about the show, but sue me, I was excited!!
I'm casually off to Paris for the weekend (perks of studying abroad, cheap travel!)


  1. You should do bigger pictures cause they are very good! ^^
    I'm your newest follower from IFB
    Great blog !!

    1. Thanks for the tip! I made them a bit bigger, what do you think!?

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  3. I agree you should try to make the images bigger if you can! I love structured clothes for the spring/summer too. I havne't found that many brands that specialize in that--do you have any favs you are willing to share?


    1. Thank you so much for the feedback! I made the photos bigger, hope they look better!
      I'm so excited about all of the structure coming this spring, and thankfully my favorite designer, Michael Kors, has come through again. I think I could wear everything he sent down the runway!