Friday, September 7, 2012

London’s Calling!


I will be spending the next few months in London, and obviously, the first thing on my mind (other than staging an impromptu rendezvous with Prince Harry) is the fashion, and how I will adapt my wardrobe to fit in with the Londoners.

Having arrived a little short of two weeks ago, I have already noticed some main points of interest among the Londoners and their sense of style, which, by the way, is continuously impeccable.

First off, there are an amazing amount of women who don their tights on a daily basis. Although tights are popular in their own right in the U.S. I have never witnessed so many women wearing tights in so many different ways. It seems that the outfit of choice becomes complete when the addition of tights is made. Shorts, skirts, dresses, and even oversize sweaters are all tights-appropriate outfits.


Next, I have become obsessed with tweed jackets and their underrated versatility. Before my arrival to the U.K., I always imagined tweed jackets as a piece made timeless by Coco Chanel, and something I planned to adopt into my wardrobe when I was older, wiser, and with a paying job to help me afford a Chanel jacket.
Chanel, via dailymail

But boy has my mind been changed!

Women in London rock their tweed not only to the office, but I have observed many using it to lighten up a rather tough ensemble. The most jarring of which was a women I saw whose outfit was almost entirely some form of leather, but with a light pink tweed jacket on top. I was stunned to see not only a juxtaposition of lighthearted girly-ness of the jacket with the toughness of the leather, but also the vast difference in the weights of both fabrics. It seemed effortless and made me crave a jacket of my own (which I am now on the hunt for, stay tuned!)

 Of course I have observed much more than this due to my love of people-watching, but I will not bore you with those details because this post is already longer than I intended, but I will be posting a bunch more about London because I just can’t get enough!


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