Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Holy Stripes, Batman!

Here I am, living vicariously through those who were lucky enough to attend NYFW and see the Marc Jacobs show. Although watching it in entirety on my computer will probably give me a better view than I could ever hope to get if I ever have the good fortune to attend the show, it's not the same.
Even though I was simply viewing from a computer screen in my minuscule dorm room in London, I was not blind to the heavy influence of stripes.
While many times, the use of stripes can evoke either a preppy or nautical undertone, if the stripes are thin and somewhat seersucker-like, or the more typical, of prison garb worn by the stereotypical criminal in pretty much any movie concerning jail, ever. This, however, simply made me intrigued by how I could finagle more stripes into my wardrobe.

 Instead of the traditional final walk of all the models single file, Jacobs had them come out in a herd to stand in a somewhat triangular position before coming out finally for a solo bow.
Even the accents on the accessories, stripes made an appearance.

Jacobs also, along with many other designers during NYFW did not feel the need to clothe their models from the waist down, but that is another story all together.

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