Monday, September 10, 2012

British-Indian Summer Pt. 2

I'm baaaaack! I never leave a Part 1 hanging.
So in my last post, I was struggling with how to turn my summer wardrobe into fall-appropriate outfits. I have accumulated some tips for those of you, like me, who are craving fall, but the weather is far too warm to allow you to do so.

1. Scarves
Recently whilst shopping, my friend Amelia came across display of many beautiful scarves and simply exclaimed that she had caught a case of "scarvy". Scarvy, as she explained is a disease where one constantly and consistently craves scarves of varying colors, weights, textures, etc.
This disease is sweeping the nation, people. I am a chronic sufferer, and frankly, I don't see myself searching for a cure anytime soon.
My little abroad collection:
(L to R) H&M Pucci Marshall's Francesca's Thrifted H&M
Obviously when adhering to the strict, and ludicrous airline baggage weight limits, I had to tone my scarf collection down considerably. I have since, bought another scarf and, if I'm being honest with myself, I know it won't be the last I purchase here.

2. Lightweight fabrics
Everyone has a collection of lightweight summer shirts that seem to be on a constant rotation during the summer months. If you are not ready to let go of these, but still are craving a bit of fall, try layering a few of the pieces, or simply juxtaposing them with heavier-weight things.

3. Colored Denim
Bag: Celine, Booties: WallisFashion,
Scarf: Alexander Mcqueen; Jeans: Zanado
Top: Unknown
I recently wrote an article for my CollegeFashionista Style Guru internship about the transition of colored denim from summer to fall. I have determined this trend is going to last, at minimum, another few seasons, if not longer. The way to transition seamlessly into the colder months is to simply wear less vibrant colored pants, and begin to build your autumnal colored collection! This means dark orange, deep reds, mustards, deep purples, and my favorite, emerald greens.

4. Ankle Booties
They are my new thing. It is decided. I like these as transitional pieces because they aren't just flats, yet they aren't quite boots. And they make any outfit look ten times more awesome. This season, it seems that the flat ankle bootie is in, rather than the heeled. This is something I am adjusting to, being 5'1, I am still partial to the heeled version, but I never knock anything before I try it!

Aaaand thanks to the magic of Polyvore, I have incduded an outfit where you can use all of these ideas (plus a little celine bag in there, just for good measure) Woohoooo

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