Sunday, September 9, 2012

British-Indian Summer Pt. 1

It's September 9th here in the U.K., and when packing to come here for the fall months, I was certain that by this point I would wearing my comfy sweaters, leather boots, and autumnal themed colored denim, or at the very least, some wellies!

But am I?

Because for 98% of the last 2 weeks I have been here, the temperatures have been exceeding 75 degrees. Every day. Don't get me wrong, I am soaking up every moment of these fleeting views of that shining thing in the sky, but this girl did not pack for this kind of weather! I am adapting what I did bring as best I can into weather-appropriate and still cute without repeating the same 2 pairs of shorts I brought here.

Today we went to Stonehenge and Bath, and although it was only around 70 where we were, compared to 82 in London, it was still pretty darn warm!
Skinnies-asos Tank-Vintage Necklace-francesca's Sandals-Gap Sunglasses-RayBan

I chose my red skinnies, a giraffe-printed tank, and a nice mint and gold draped necklace. I am counting my shoes out of this ensemble, because they are so horribly disfigured, as walking approximately 5000 miles a day in cute shoes for the last 2 weeks does to a person's feet. So forgive me that I succumbed to my black leather flip flops.
I think this was a good transitional outfit from summer into fall, and obviously the best I could do with my current closet.

If you paid any attention to the title, you may realize that this, my friends is only part 1 to the story. I didn't want to overwhelm with the amount I have to say, so stay tuned!

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