Friday, October 5, 2012

Hey Sole Sista

I have been horrible about updating this recently, but being in a fun city makes it hard to stop and write consistently!

The other day, I had a little field trip to The Serpentine Gallery in Hyde Park for my art class. Although the exhibition wasn't my cup of tea (british humor), the day was glorious and my ideal day.

The Serpentine, in all it's glory, plus a fluffy dog

This day was only made better by my obsession with my pair of prep school-esque oxfords!

Try and not be entranced by my beauty in the outfit shot......I am not one where candids look cute, this girl needs preparation.

pretty face, right?  Shirt: Jcrew, Jeans, Urban
Oufitters, Belt: Francesca's, Shoes: Target

To say that I am obsessed with these shoes is a gross understatement. The pop of pink on the sole is probably my most favorite addition to a pair of classic shoes since the metallic heel.

I am so obsessed with these shoes that later in the day, as I was strolling around Hyde Park, I had finally decided on a bench to place my bum, and immediately pulled out my phone to take a picture, yet my shoes somehow decided to sneak in there too!

And by "sneak in there" I mean I was employing some pilates-driven core strength to keep my feet raised long enough to take the picture...

oh yeah...this was the exhibition I was seeing for a class in The Serpentine...
YEP. Prepare for the nightmares....

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