Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Send All My Lovin' To You

I have been in London for 6 weeks and in that time have seen so much that has made me fall deeply and irrevocably in love with the city. This weekend, however, I could only describe as something magical.

I have always been a fan of the Beatles, as anyone with a brain is, and have always fantasized about going to see Abbey Road in the flesh (or concrete).

What you don't fantasize about, is that the road itself is just that, a road. And a busy one at that! So getting that picture that tourists alike dream about, (walking across the crosswalk of the famous street) is a feat you simply hope to come out alive after. Luckily, I was in good company, and my friends and I were absolutely determined to accomplish this.

The result is a little less than perfection, but I take that as an allegory for life not always being perfect. (psh, who am I kidding, we had already been there 2 hours, and we did our best, sue us!)

Anyway, aside from the typical touristy shot we managed, the wall outside the studio might have actually been my favorite part. The once-white wall and gate are absolutely COVERED in graffiti from tourists and fans alike, many whom simply write their most favorite Beatles lyrics. All of these combined make for a truly magical experience, when you read that the writings are from years ago, weeks ago, or even hours ago and written by people from all age brackets, religions, and countries. It really is cool when you see how a band and music can unify all walks of life. Not to mention, I was able to not only sign the wall, but also happened to have my red lipstick handy and planted a big, unsanitary kiss on the wall as well.

BACK TO THE IMPORTANT STUFF: How I managed to transition my beloved mint jeans into the fall!

I decided to pair my mint jeans with my dark green field jacket from J.Crew to keep the majority of the outfit at least somewhat monochromatic. I wore my over-the-knee brown leather boots to make the outfit seem more fall-appropriate, and it was also 55 degrees in London so they seemed like the most suitable option. Although you can't see because I was too distracted having a transcendental experience to take a proper outfit picture, underneath I was donning a grey t-shirt and my leopard belt.

All in all, I can already tell this will be one of my fondest memories from London. Not only was I in one of the coolest places ever, but the people I was with cannot be beat.

That's All Folks!

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  1. All your life... you were only waiting for this moment to arise...