Monday, January 21, 2013

Menswear Monday starring MObama!

Today just seems like the timing has just matched up well in many instances. For starters, it is Martin Luther King Jr. Day as well as the inauguration for the second term of America's first African-American president. I mean, come on! This had to be planned, the timing is so impeccable.

Secondly, paying attention to one of my previous posts about theming some days on the site, it is Monday, meaning menswear! How freakin' appropriate that style maven Michelle Obama wore a jacket designed by a menswear designer to the inauguration?

Not only does this holiday now have much more meaning and more to celebrate, but we also have something to talk about today! You decide which is more important.

Mrs. Obama wore a silk jacquard (which basically means weaved in a particular way) coat designed by a menswear designer named Thom Browne.
The coat is a gorgeous navy and the jacquard print was chosen to resemble a tie, according to the designer himself. This choice not only created a beautiful piece, but also an extraordinarily appropriate choice for a formal event such as this.

Obama in Browne, 2012 Source
After some careful research into this somewhat unknown American designer, I found out that he launched his womenswear line very recently, in 2010.

Also, this is not the first time MObama has worn one of his designs; she wore a silk and lace dress by Browne's design to a presidential debate this past year.

If you were unaware of Browne's past menswear designs, you would think these two pieces were simply beautifully made garments. However, with the clouding aspect of knowing his past, there are definite menswear defining characteristics in both. Either way, the moral of the story is that FLOTUS kills it always, and pretty much can do no wrong. She single handedly gives unknown American designers their shot in the spotlight while remaining flawless. The end.



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