Saturday, January 19, 2013

Arm Candy

In a society where the “less is more” philosophy really never gets utilized, bracelet stacking has become somewhat of an art form. It was the blogger Leandra Medine (aka ManRepeller) who coined the term, “arm party” when speaking of stacks of baubles on ones arm. Other than my very verbal love for this particular blog, who wouldn't want a party on their arm!? During the day, feeling a little bored, just take a quick peek at one of your limbs, and its an instant pick-me-up!

I have always loved piling on many bracelets, but I somehow always seem to get too annoyed with the clanging against everything (namely, my computer) or jingling noises to wear too many for too long. Recently, however, I have definitely put those feelings aside and have fully committed to rocking a constant arm soirée.

The trick of these accessory groupings is to ensure you are pairing the right colors, metals, textures, sizes, etc. I have been attempting to master some pairings using my albeit, a little excessive, collection of bracelets.
From my Instagram yesterday

Thankfully, I have some aspiring wrist models for friends that took time out of their busy schedules to be photographed wearing some of my trinkets.
All bracelets are my own. 

These two examples show that cohesion among accessories works, either by keeping all silver and black or all brown and gold.

Also, a pop of color among all of the cohesion is also very doable and easy to pair with outfits.

This look is paying special attention to one particular more muted accent color by adding slightly blue elements to the mainly gold look.

I recently wrote an article for CollegeFashionista that will be available online on Monday in which I discussed my advocacy for mixing metals, notably silver and gold. These two arm gatherings are  good examples of how it works well.

Here are all of the looks together!



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