Monday, February 11, 2013

I Blame Nemo.

I blame Nemo (not the adorable fish from the Pixar classic) but this horrendous blizzard for my lack of posts recently. Shame on me, especially with New York Fashion Week in full swing! The holiest of weeks in my world and I have been completely remiss.

To start on my catch-up of the last few weeks (gasp!) we must first acknowledge the Grammy's were last night. I obviously have my favorites,  but I am going to attempt to separate my love for the celebrity and the actual ensemble worn.
This is especially hard concerning Adele. I love her music, personality, voice, etc, etc. and I am so proud she wore something other than a black a-line dress, but as one of my friends said, "she looks like a 70's lampshade" (hey Tad). I wouldn't go THAT far, but I do agree this was not the most flattering nor the most beautiful dress she has ever worn.
Next, to put it plainly, Rihanna stole the show. Girlfriend was rocking some loose, gorgeous waves with impeccable makeup and Azzedine Alaia red gown that, in terms of general Grammy's fashion as well as her usual style is very conservative.
I'm not sure if it was entirely Grammy's-appropriate, nevertheless I am LUSTING over Kailey Cuoco's embroidered blazer designed by Amen.
Honorable mention: John Mayer for taking a royal blue risk.
More to come on NYFW tomorrow!

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  1. Rihanna was looking amazing, her dress was so gorgeous!