Saturday, March 3, 2012

Social Media Style

My weekly dose of news basically consists of the New York Times on Thursdays and Sundays, which coincidently are the days in which the newspaper boasts the Style section component.

This week's Thursday Styles detailed the future of fashion social medias. I was instantly intrigued, as I am always looking for new ways to procrastinate, which as a college student, is how the majority of my time is spent. 


I am very proud of myself that I jumped on the pinterest bandwagon almost a year ago, go me! Anyway, I am ecstatic it has caught on like wildfire because I think it is such a good way to track inspiration, ideas, websites, etc.

If you are unaware of what pinterest is, the general jist is that it is an online pinboard where you "pin" things you come across online onto differently themes boards, created by you! At any time, you can come back to these boards and go straight back to the website without having to use up sticky notes writing down web addresses. You may also see what other "pinners" have pinned and re-pin their pins onto your boards! (lots of lingo have to keep up).

I, personally, have 16 boards including some for my style, shoes, future apartment decorating, food I would like to try and make, and just funny things I come across. I highly suggest getting a pinterest if you don't already!! (And follow my boards here)

Here is a screen shot of one of my boards:

The jist behind this site is you can track your entire closet, what you wear on a daily basis, and based on these factors, the site determines the price-per-wear you are getting out of the items in your closet. When I read the description, I was instantly intrigued! I have a bad habit of buying expensive pieces that I like for a day, and then they proceed to sit in the back of my closet. By using this, I would be able to track my spending habits better!

I have had a stylistics account for about 3 days and it is just SO MUCH WORK to search on a database for everything in your closet, especially if you bought an item a few years back. I am willing to stick it out and see what comes of this new venture, especially because it is such a new site, I am hopeful it will improve!

This is another site that I am proud to say I have had an account since this summer! It is a place to express any interest in trends, or to plan out ideal outfits for certain occasions.

What I love about polyvore is that you have the ability to act editorially, and not only bring outfits together, but the inspiration behind the outfits, words, etc. It reminds me of what a magazine editor would do on a daily basis when working on a spread for some new trend.

The best part is, you can save your creations, which can then be "liked" by people of the polyvore community, and feedback is constructive. You may also see what other sets are made by the people of polyvore, and the inspiration is never ending.

Still a little confused? Check out my polyvore here!

These are some of my sets in the past--

There are, of course, many other sites to try, but these  3 should get you started on each type. Whether you are searching for inspiration, re-inventing your wardrobe, or acting on inspiration, go out and enjoy your creativity and procrastination!

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