Monday, January 30, 2012

SAG Hags

Okay, so they're not hags in ANY respect, but actually goddesses (I honestly just liked the rhyme). The SAG awards were last night and there was so much to take in! Yay "The Help" winning best cast!! ( I am a little sick of "The Artist" sweeping across the boards...) And congrats to Betty White, who, at 90 years old, still made me laugh during her acceptance speech.

I have included pictures of the best of last night (in no particular order)

Viola Davis=Grecian Goddess! So stunning. 

Stacy Keibler wearing the most beautiful lace Marchesa gown, and George is looking pretty snazzy too. 

Kyra Sedgewick looking 10 years younger and showing off her rockin' bod in a Pucci gown. 

Cutest couple of our generation by far. I love Emily Blunt's bold color choice! With her neutral accents she looks awesome. 

Okay, I might be a little biased because Modern Family is my favorite show and purple is my favorite color, but how good does Julie Bowen look?! You go Mrs. Dunphy. 

Okay, mixed feelings about the look, but loving this cut on Kristin Wiig. The choker lived and died in 6th grade..let's not bring it back. 

Not going to lie, I screamed when I saw Meryl. This is perfection! Everyone was freaking out because she was wearing Vivienne Westwood, a british designer, and paying homage to the UK because of her most recent film. Bravo, Meryl. 

This might be my absolute fave of the whole night. I would give my left foot to look like Naya Rivera, and this dress I would wear until the day I died (probably from a botched foot-removal surgery). 

That's all folks!! (Until the Oscars...and Grammys.....)

All photos courtesy of NY Daily News

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