Monday, March 5, 2012

Gettin' Blazed

Of the many trends I cannot wait to whip out upon the arrival of spring, blazers are one of them that I just don't think I can do without.
Although not a very "new" concept, the adaptation of women's everyday blazers into mass production was a decision I fully support. The years of me sneaking away into my brothers' closets and finding their old prep school blazers are long gone.

The variety of both colors, textures, fabrics, lengths, and styles of blazers for this upcoming season make it possible to don a blazer for essentially every occasion. In an instant, a plain white t-shirt and jeans can be made stylish and put together with the addition of an ombré blazer (like the one shown above in upper left corner). 

There will be an upcoming post about the general trends seen for spring, and how excited I am for each, but I thought a separate post was necessary for blazers due to the fact that most of those trends have been adapted into the blazer world. For example, it seemed no designer could get enough of the "peplum", and it has since been added to blazers as well! Pastels were everywhere on runways, and now it looks as though Easter mass blazers are now considered everyday wear.

In any event, blazers are timeless pieces that instantly class up any outfit, and should not be used sparingly this coming spring. Blaze up people!!

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