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Why watch the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show?

Why watch the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show?
A valid question if you are not a straight male with a pulse, in which case the answer is quite obvious, it's beautiful women strutting around in their underwear. But for straight women, why do we watch something like this? It is not as though it is a typical fashion show in which the designers have their newest lines coherent with the trends on display, in which attendance is expected. No, it is simply impractical lingere that many women would not wear, let alone could afford. Is it wrong to glorify super-skinny bodies and scantily clad women? Do we watch it to solely envy in all the "angels" have? Beauty, an apparent sense of humor, and a body that keeps them very happy all the way to the bank.

Believe me, I have heard all of the above sentences from friends and strangers alike. I, however, have watched this show for the past few years now and finally have my own comprehensive take on it all. I will give you the top 5 reasons I watch the Victoria's Secret Fashion show every year:

1. Envy
        Let's just get this one out there in the open before we really begin. Yes these women are beautiful, apparently flawless, rich beyond comprehension, and everything like that. But the thing that always gets me, is after this show I do not feel ashamed of myself, or of how I look, but rather inspired. I don't know if this feeling is generated across different peoples, but I, myself, always look to hit the gym just a little bit harder the day after the show. Now, if it took an hour of emaciated women strutting around on stage to uncover this motivation, so be it.
2. Creativity
        So despite the fact this is probably not the most traditional fashion shows, in that it shows clothes rather than costumes and underwear, you cannot deny that the creators of the show, and of the many looks, have great vision. Through all of the different themes, we see perfect cohesion in accessories and choice of undergarments to complete the outfit. Some personal favorites of this year's show were the underwater theme, and the antebellum theme (pictured below). The models emulate (read: attempt) to capture the attitude of the theme they are presenting, and most of the time succeed in convincing. Suddenly, we are rapt with the idea that the women strutting down the runway in nothing but a bra and some delicately placed shells is actually a mermaid.
3. Performances
         Although this is supposed to be about the fashion and the Victoria's Secret brand, it seems that this show always seems to get the hottest performers to, for a moment, be upstaged by the beautiful women sauntering past them. This year's highlights were; Kanye West, Jay-Z, Adam Levine, and my personal favorite/idol, Ms. Nicki Minaj.
4. Celeb Sightings
          For whoever watched this year's show, I challenge you to tell me that seeing Orlando Bloom beaming with pride, on his feet, cheering for his wife, Miranda Kerr as she walked down the runway did not just melt your heart. Also a pregnant Beyonce on her feet throwing up a diamond in the sky while rapping husband Jay-Z-s new song was something I will not soon forget.
5. Interviews
           Throughout the pre-taped show, the models and designers are interviewed and recorded. The designers are asked about their inspiration as well as execution of how to make such lavish designs as well as how to choose the right model for each look. Whether speaking about their fellow models, home life, or just being an angel, when interviewed, the models become more like real people. Instead of amazons cantering down the runway in upwards of 2.5 million dollars worth of clothing, they become real girls who simply lucked out in the gene pool.
6. Fun
          As much as you may hate the message this show sends, you have to admit that no matter what, it is always a good time. The models all seem to be having fun with their choice of profession and co-workers, and the audience is enjoying their time jamming out to current artists and watching a parade of unattainable bodies travel past them. Of all the fashion shows I have seen, obviously on the internet :(, it seems this is the most fun.

And there you have it folks. That is why I will continue to watch the Victoria's Secret fashion show year after year, and have the best workout of my life the day after.  Below I have included some of my favorites from this year's show, enjoy!
Miranda Kerr at 2011 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Lexington Avenue Armory, New York City on November 9, 2011.
Miranda Kerr, my favorite! via

Erin Heatherton and Nicki Minaj via

Anja Rubik via

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