Thursday, November 10, 2011

Fall Fashion!

It’s that time of year again! The leaves are crunching under newly covered toes and shoulders that were once solely warmed by the sun now lie beneath layers of cotton and wool. It’s getting colder by the day despite the crazy, unpredictable New England weather. This means not only adding some serious Vitamin C to your diet, or switching from beloved iced coffee to regular, but most importantly, dusting off your fall and winter wardrobes!
When it comes to fall fashion, the type of coat and sweater to wear varies greatly depending on the current trends. Thankfully, this season, it seems what is old, is new again! The extreme comfort that comes from a so-called “grandfather sweater” is always a big hit, and cardigans and pea coats are always closet staples that never go out of fashion.  If you are bored with these tired styles, and wish to be on the cutting edge, you are in luck! Such styles such as, the cape (reminiscent of a Mr. Sherlock Holmes), are all over the runways, and have, of course, been adopted by your favorite shopping establishments (Forever 21, Macy’s, etc) for a far more reasonable price.

 Some basic sweaters are getting a modern update, with the addition of the “peplum”. Which, for those who don’t know, is defined by as, "a short full flounce or an extension of a garment below the waist, covering the hips”. This addition is usually found on skirts, but recently, it has traveled north and found a place on both cardigans and coats.
If we travel further south, menswear pants are having a serious moment in the fashion world. Although the menswear trend has been slowly evolving over the past few seasons, and with the blazer trend becoming more and more popular, especially among Hollywood royalty, the menswear trend is evolving even further into pants. High-waisted trousers are popping up everywhere, not just on “That 70’s Show” re-runs. Hem lengths and widths are something that, with this season, brings great variation. Some current fascinations include; skinny ankle-length, wide floor-sweeping, and the always-popular, trousers with a boot-cut. Any of these lengths and widths will put you on the fast track to becoming a fall fashion maven.
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Thanks to websites such as,, and for runway fashions,, we are able to see progression and newly adapted trends in a more in-depth way. Happy styling!

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