Thursday, August 2, 2012


If you know me, you know my addictive personality. I tend to become infatuated with certain oddities for short periods of time, in which, I immerse myself in the current fascination. Some of these fascinations include; competitive swimming in the 7th grade, Fall Out Boy in 8th grade, edemame last summer, and the list goes on. 

Currently, my, for lack of a better word, obsessions, are; iced coffee with truvia, the olympics, and the color mint.

For whatever reason, the color widely referred to as "mint" (or "sea foam" for lame-os), has been severely lacking in my closet. This lacking was so severe, that after weeks of seeing this color grace the runways, (and by that I mean of course, "grace the viewed from my computer screen...") I realized I did not own one item of this amazing hue. 

Needless to say, as my new infatuation of the moment, this changed dramatically, seemingly overnight. 

Upon my next few shopping ventures, both the old fashioned way and online, I had accumulated quite a collection of items of the mint variety. My collection is as follows in this artistic representation from a past fascination, Polyvore. 
via polyvore

via tobi

The items gathered somehow soothed my closet's ache for this lacking section while still remaining a never-ending fascination. 

Stay minty fresh!

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