Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Peplum Shmeplum

Peplum Shmeplum
Peplum is a trend that has extended far past the traditional peplum skirt into dresses, blazers, tops, etc. It is a trend that is somewhat universally flattering, if done correctly.

Obviously the main rule is to never wear both a peplum skirt and top, or you will appear as though you have folds in your middle, which is never appealing.

If you are wearing a peplum skirt, be sure to go minimal and with the least amount of volume as possible, and the opposite applies for wearing peplum shirts or blazers. 
Here are some outfit possibilities that I also made through Polyvore
So enjoy this trend this summer, it is a fun and flirty way to accentuate your curves (or create them if you are so lucky)

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