Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Varsity Jacket, Nostalgic or Just Ick?

Recently, I was reading one of my favorite blogger, one that refers to herself as "The Man Repeller", who I truly admire for her lack of concern for what the male population thinks of her stylistic choices. Her  most recent post was all about the revival of the varsity, or letterman jacket, and instead of my usual giddiness when reading any of her posts, I found myself wondering if I agreed with this particular fad. Maybe it's just me, but when I tend to think of varsity jackets, the first image that comes to mind is one from a music video circa 2001 (Gwen Stefani and Fergie Ferg to name a few).

Now, I love a new coat trend, because, living in the northeast means you will probably be donning something heavier than a sweater for pretty much 5 months out of the year, and I enjoy some variety. My doubts of the reminiscence of 2001 pop videos was erased when I saw Rag and Bone's and Givenchy's adaptation of the letterman jacket, posted below.

Rag and Bone

So cool! Naturally, being a broke college student, I obviously went to websites such as Forever21 and Delia's to find a more economically conscious number. Here's what I found:

Forever 21
Totally wearable! I have been converted. Thankfully, my dad was a track star in high school! Yay vintage!

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